Research and Reports

We conduct research and prepare reports on specific programs and services, customer satisfaction, and general topics related to disability employment. These provide information to the public, ensure transparency, guide our efforts to increase customer satisfaction, and inform our strategic planning process.

General Reports

State Plans
The guiding plan for Minnesota's vocational rehabilitation services programs.

Center-Based Employment: The Continuum of Employment Supports for People with Disabilities
A summary report of the public forum sponsored by the Minnesota State Rehabilitation Council and Vocational Rehabilitation Services.

Vocational Rehabilitation Comprehensive Statewide Needs Assessment (June 2014)
An overview of the vocational rehabilitation needs of Minnesotans with disabilities. To receive this information in alternative formats call 800-328-9095 or email

State Rehabilitation Council Annual Reports

  • 2013 Annual Report

  • 2012  Annual Report

  • 2011 Annual Report

  • 2010 Annual Report

Independent Living Home Accessibility Needs Assessment
This report assesses the scope of assistance currently delivered, identifies major policy and service delivery gaps, and recommends actions to strengthen delivery capacity.

Transition-Age Consumer Satisfaction (October 2009)
Seven conclusions based on results of focus groups and customer surveys.

Extended Employment Research and Reports

Status and Evaluation: Employment and Support Services for Persons with Mental Illness
The Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development and the Minnesota Department of Human Services produced this report in December 2012.

A Study of Persons Working Less Than Fifteen Hours Per Week and Receiving Extended Employment Supports
Through case studies of a diverse group of consumers, this investigation sought to answer why consumers receiving supports from CRPs are working less than 15 hours a week. Case files were examined, case managers were interviewed, consumers were observed at work, but most important, the consumers' own words, from personal interviews, were used to respond to the research question.

Wage Incentive Provision of the Extended Employment Funding Rule
This study analyzes the impact of the wage incentive provision of the Extended Employment - Basic funding rule in increasing work paid at minimum wage or better. It also provides a history of wages earned and hours worked since 1999 for this program.

Extended Employment Program Compliance Audit and Program Evaluation
This report contains summary information about the condition and outcomes of the Extended Employment (EE) grant program resulting from the application of the Extended Employment Program Compliance Examination Standards.