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Employment & Wages

Occupational Employment Statistics

See wages by occupation and region throughout the state.

Current Employment Statistics

Monthly survey offers data on nonfarm employment by industry, hours and wages.

Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages

Track wages and employment by industry and region throughout the state, and gross job gains and losses at Minnesota establishments.

Affirmative Action Statistics

Statistical reports, available by region, provide demographics on workers in specific occupations.

Occupational Staffing Patterns

Get estimates of occupational employment by industry. Covers more than 800 occupations.

Quarterly Workforce Indicators

Get quarterly workforce information from the United States Census Bureau.

Employment Projections & Openings

Career Profile

Find a wide range of occupational information: Wages, demand, education, job opportunities, and more.

Occupations in Demand

High-demand jobs for each region of the state, along with typical wages and training.

Graduate Employment Outcomes

How are recent graduates doing? Find employment and wage outcomes by region, institution type, degree, year, and program.

Match Jobs to Experience (JobSTAT)

Enter your occupation and find other careers that also demand your existing skills.

Business Finder

Find contact information for employers in Minnesota and across the U.S.

Employment Outlook

Industries and occupations projected to grow over the next decade in Minnesota.

Job Vacancy Survey

This semi-annual survey shows which industries and occupations are hiring.

Minnesota Statewide Longitudinal Education Data System (SLEDS)

Student data from pre-kindergarten through post-secondary education and into the workforce.


Local Area Unemployment Statistics

Get labor force, employment and unemployment estimates for your region of Minnesota.

Unemployment Insurance Statistics

Data on initial and continuing claims for unemployment insurance benefits in Minnesota.

Living & Working in Minnesota

Regional Labor Market Data Tool

Labor market and demographic data for each county and region in Minnesota.

Cost of Living

Find the cost of basic needs for various family sizes, for each county and region in Minnesota.

Made in Minnesota

Our Manufacturers Supply Chain database makes it easy to find Minnesota suppliers.


Where workers are employed and where they live.

Compare Minnesota with Other States

See how we stack up against any other state or states using key economic indicators.

Compare Twin Cities with Other Metros

See how Minneapolis-St. Paul stacks up against other major U.S. metropolitan areas.