Taxes are the only constant in business. Government at all levels has an eye on your checkbook. It s imperative that you know who, what, where, when, why and how to pay. And do it on time. Here are some basics to consider, taken from our Guide To Starting A Business In Minnesota.

Business Taxes

From income to payroll taxes here is brief overview of common business tax liabilities.

Tax Identification Number

You business may need one or more tax ID numbers to file federal and state reports.

Business Income Tax Returns

An overview of the different tax forms and schedules that different business entities use.

Collecting and Paying Sales and Use Tax

For companies making taxable retail sales or providing taxable services.

FICA Tax Basics for Employers

The Social Security and Medicare programs are financed by taxes paid by employers and workers.

Income Tax Withholding

Employers must withhold federal and state income taxes from employees to the government.

Successor Liability for Unpaid Taxes

In some cases, the new owner of a business can be liable for unpaid sales or withholding taxes.

Revocation or Prevention of License Issuance or Renewal

Business licenses can be revoked if the holder owes the state for back taxes, penalties or interest.

Unemployment Insurance Taxes

Employers pay taxes to fund the unemployment insurance benefits system.

Federal Tax Requirements

Different businesses may have different federal tax obligations, forms and deadlines.

State of Minnesota Tax Requirements

A table of potential Minnesota state tax liabilities, along with forms, and filing dates.

Types of Minnesota Business Taxes

Business taxes and fees from the Minnesota Department of Revenue.

Unemployment Insurance Handbook

Helping employers comply with Minnesota's unemployment insurance law.

UI Employer Registration

The official resource for information about Minnesota Unemployment Insurance.

Business Tax Primer from the SBA

A comprehensive guide to understanding, filing and paying all kinds of business taxes.