Job Vacancies

The number of job vacancies grew by 47.3 percent from one year ago, to 88,900 during fourth quarter 2014. Seventeen of 22 occupational groups showed growth in the number of job vacancies from one year ago. Occupations showing the strongest growth from last year include: Building Cleaning & Grounds Maintenance, Art, Design, Entertainment & Media, Protective Services, Sales & Related and Education, Training & Library.

About 49,300 job vacancies, or 55.4 percent, were located in the Twin Cities seven-county area. The remaining 39,600 were in Greater Minnesota.

Overall, there were 1.1 unemployed job seekers for each job vacancy statewide indicating that the labor market is tightening due to baby boomer retirements and continued job growth.

Graph: Minnesota Job Vacancies and Unemployed Workers

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