Basics for Employers

Whether at startup or later as your business grows, the time may come when you need to hire workers. There are many issues to consider before you become an employer. Here are some basics to consider, taken from our Guide To Starting A Business In Minnesota.

Determining Who is an Employee

The first step for business owners is understanding who is an employee and who isn't.

Employment Agreements

Salaries, benefits, duties, termination. All might involve an employment agreement.

State & Federal Labor Standards

Wages, personnel records and other federal and state laws designed to protect employees.

Rest Breaks and Leave Time

General guidelines for establishing policies regarding breaks and leave time.

Employee Testing and Background Checks

Issues you should understand before administering tests or doing background checks.

Employment of Minors

The kinds of jobs youth may do and their work hours are subject to federal and state laws.

Protections for Whistleblowers

Employees who report workplace violations of state or federal law are protected from reprisals.

Human Rights & Anti-Discrimination

Anti-discrimination laws, plus guidelines for preventing discrimination.

Immigration Law Compliance

Employers must verify that all people they hire are legally allowed to work in the U.S.

Occupational Safety and Health

Compliance with laws to ensure employees have a safe and healthy workplace.

Workers' Comp Insurance

Workers' compensation insurance gives benefits to employees with work-related injury or illness.

Basics of Employee Benefits

Employers who provide employee benefits must comply with state and federal laws.

Plant Closings and Mass Layoffs

Requirements for layoffs under the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act.

Poster Requirements for Employers

Employers must post certain notices in the workplace where employees are likely to see them.

Checklist for Hiring an Employee

Hiring an employee requires several tasks and some state and federal paperwork.

Conducting a Human Resources Audit

Check out our publication, Why and How to Conduct a Human Resources Audit in Minnesota.

Employment Law Issues In Minnesota

The legalities of hiring, firing, wages, benefits and resolving workplace conflicts.

Unemployment Insurance Handbook

Helping employers comply with Minnesota's unemployment insurance law.