Hiring People with Disabilities

Hiring people who have disabilities adds a valuable dimension to recruiting and building a solid workforce in most any company. 

Here, we show you why it's just plain good business to tap into this talented pool of workers.  And we'll  show you how to find, recruit and hire people with disabilities.

For Business Success

20 percent of the population have a disability - we'll help you understand the benefits of hiring people with disabilities.

Recognize the Talent

People with disabilities have the same skills and abilities as everyone else.

Find Qualified Candidates

Our Disability Employment Specialists can help you tap into the pipeline of talent that workers with disabilities can provide.

Maximize Your Success

Keeping talent can be critical to a strong bottom line. We can help you reduce turnover.

Business Case Stories

Featured businesses are realizing the advantages of including people who have disabilities in their human resources strategies.

Work with a Disability Employment Specialist

Our staff are experts in disability employment and can provide resources to your business to tap the talent pool of people who have disabilities.