Major Companies and Employers

Success attracts success. So it’s no surprise that some of the world’s most recognized companies call Minnesota home – and many more have major operations here.

What draws them and keeps them growing? One of the nation’s steadiest and most diversified economies with strengths in several key industries and sectors. Minnesota puts companies on incredibly sound footing.

Fortune 500 Companies

The Fortune 500 companies in Minnesota include some of the world's most recognized firms.

Top Private Companies

Many of the nation’s largest privately held companies were born in Minnesota and are thriving here.

S&P 500 Companies

Minnesota's companies in the Standard and Poor's Index are among the largest in the country.

Top Employers Statewide

Manufacturing. Retail. Government. Minnesota’s largest employers run the gamut of industries.

Top Employers by Industry

In broad categories, here are the state’s top 10 private employment industries.