Contamination Cleanup and Investigation Grant Program

The Contamination Cleanup and Investigation Grant Program helps communities pay for assessing and cleaning up contaminated sites for private or public redevelopment.

Grants pay up to 75 percent of the costs to investigate and clean up polluted sites. Both publicly and privately owned sites with known or suspected soil or groundwater contamination qualify.

Cities, port authorities, housing and redevelopment authorities, economic development authorities, or counties are eligible.


Applications are ranked on the following criteria:

  • Tax base increase resulting from the cleanup and development of the site.
  • Social value of the cleanup, demonstrated by the number of jobs created through cleanup and redevelopment.
  • An evaluation by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency of the reduced threat to public health and the environment as a result of cleanup.
  • Likelihood that the site will be cleaned up without government money.
  • Cleanup cost.
  • Commitment of local authorities to pay the local match

Program Requirements 

The program assists development authorities in contamination investigations and the development of Response Action Plans (RAPs) or in the cleanup of contamination prescribed in a Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA)-approved RAP on a site that will be redeveloped. In both cases, grants are awarded to those sites where there is a planned redevelopment intention.

Investigation and RAP Development grants pay for up to 75 percent of the costs of Phase I, Phase II investigation and/or RAP preparation (awards not to exceed $50,000).

Contamination Cleanup grants pay for up to 75 percent of the costs of cleaning up contaminants defined under state law or petroleum contamination that is not eligible for reimbursement under the Minnesota Petrofund.

Eligible cleanup costs do not include RAP implementation incurred before the award date of a grant unless the application for the grant was submitted within 180 days after the RAP was approved by the MPCA. Cleanup grant applicants must have an MPCA-approved RAP and must meet a pre-cleanup land value vs. cleanup cost criteria.

Both applications require a 25 percent local match, participation in the Metropolitan Council's Local Housing Incentives Programs for Twin Cities Metro area applicants, and the serious expectation that the site will be redeveloped.


Eligible applicants include cities, port authorities, housing and redevelopment authorities, economic development authorities or counties. Complete an application and submit it to the program for consideration:

Grant Management

Grantee Annual Report Forms

Funded Projects

The list includes the grantee, project name and amount awarded. Projects where funds were returned because of inability to proceed are shown with a zero.


For more information, contact:  

Meredith Udoibok
Director, Office of Brownfields and Redevelopment
651-259-7454 or 1-800-657-3858

Program Staff

Kristin Lukes: 651-259-7451
Ian Kushner: 651-259-7634
Erin Welle: 651-259-7453
Jan Saxhaug: 651-259-7448
Irene Dassier: 651-259-7449