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Minnesota Trade Office
1st National Bank Building
332 Minnesota Street, Suite E200
Saint Paul, MN 55101-1351
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Telephone & Email

Main:       651-259-7499  
Toll Free: 800-657-3858
TTY:        800-366-2906 or 651-282-6142  
Fax:        651-296-3555  

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Staff Contacts

Kathleen Motzenbecker.jpg

Kathleen Motzenbecker
Executive Director
(651) 259-7489

Ed Dieter.jpg

Ed Dieter
Deputy Director
(651) 259-7481

Jackie Geiger.jpg

Jackie Geiger
Executive Assistant
(651) 259-7485

Li King Feng.jpg

Li King Feng
International Trade Representative
Greater China
(651) 259-7484

Paul Hansen.jpg

Paul Hansen
International Trade Representative
Africa & Middle East
(651) 259-7486

Gloria Henck.jpg

Gloria Henck
Education Programs
(651) 259-7487

Hank Imm 

Hank Imm  
MTO Foreign Office  
Seoul, South Korea  

Rachel Limon.jpg

Rachel Limón  
International Trade Representative 
Latin America & Caribbean 
(651) 259-7492

Barb Mattson.jpg

Barbara Mattson  
International Trade Representative 
Canada & Mexico (NAFTA) 
(651) 259-7490

Tim Odegard.jpg

Tim Odegard  
International Trade 
India, Pakistan & 
Central/South Asia 
(651) 259-7491

Jeff Phillips.jpg

Jeffrey Phillips  
International Trade Representative 
Europe & Russia 
(651) 259-7493

Laurence Reszetar.jpg

Laurence Reszetar
Office of Foreign Direct Investment 
(651) 259-7488

Steve Riedel.jpg

Steve Riedel  
International Trade Representative 
Southeast Asia & 
Energy & Environment Industries 
(651) 259-7494

Ning Shao.jpg

Ning Shao
MTO Foreign Office
Shanghai, China

Mary Jo Stangl.jpg

Mary Jo Stangl  
International Education Adviser 
STEP Program Coordinator 
(651) 259-7495

Sarah Walbert.jpg

Sarah Walbert  
International Trade Representative 
Medical and Bioscience Industries 
(651) 259-7482