Finding Workers

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Finding the right workers can be a job all its own. Need to fill an immediate opening? Planning future hires? We've got tools and experts to help.

Post Jobs and See Resumes on

Post jobs and find employees with, the state's online job bank.

National Career Readiness Certificate

NCRC™ verifies that prospective employees have the work-related knowledge and skills to succeed.

How to Hire a Veteran

Education, training, values, leadership and teamwork. Veterans bring all this and more to the workplace.

Hiring Incentives and Tax Credits

Special tax credits and incentives are available to employers who hire workers from targeted groups.

Hiring People with Disabilities

Workers with disabilities bring skills and add a valuable dimension to most any company.

Hiring Foreign Workers

Foreign labor certification and employer responsibilities when hiring foreign workers.

Business Services Representatives

We help companies find qualified workers, write job postings, and tackle some of their most difficult workforce problems.

Business Development Specialists

Our consultants help companies with business expansion, relocation, permitting and regulatory questions.