Minnesota Employment Review

Issues of Employment ReviewMinnesota Employment Review is a monthly publication that examines labor market conditions and key economic indicators statewide.

Produced by our Labor Market Information Office, each edition of Review includes a regional spotlight article, business highlights, employment and unemployment statistics, and regional and industrial analyses.

January 2015

In this issue: Follow the Yellow Brick Roads, Seasonal Variation in NE Minnesota's Economy, Fun with Statistics, and more

December 2014

In this issue: Choosing the Right Path, Information Technology in the Twin Cities, Minnesota Business Developments, and more

November 2014

In the issue: The Temporary Help Industry, Retail Trade in Central Minnesota, Measuring Minnesota, and more

October 2014

In the issue: Disability Employment in Minnesota, Spotlight on NW Minnesota, Infographic on Cost of Living Calculator

September 2014

In the issue: Low Income Workers in Minnesota; The Food Services and Drinking Places Industry in SW Minnesota; and more.

August 2014

In this issue: Job Churn in Minnesota; The Construction Industry in Southeast Minnesota; and more.

July 2014

In this issue: Minnesota Job Outlook to 2022; Sources of Job Churn in MN; and more.

June 2014

In this issue: Disability Employment among MN Minorities; Printing in Minnesota; and more.

May 2014

In this issue: Chugging along in 2013; Manufacturing in Central Minnesota; and more.

April 2014

In this issue: Graduate Employment Outcomes tool; Spotlight on Retail Trade in NW Minnesota; and more.

March 2014

In this issue: Summer Youth Employment; Spotlight on Agriculture in SW Minnesota; and more.

February 2014

In this issue: LMI Office Service Summary; Regionally Significant Occupations in SE Minnesota; and more.

January 2014

In this issue: The Mobility of New Nursing Graduates; Mining for Growth; and more.

December 2013

In this issue: A New Minimum?; Furniture Manufacturing in Central MN; and more.

November 2013

In this issue: Jobs, Hours, and Pay; Economic Recovery in the Twin Cities; and more.

October 2013

In this issue: Training for the Future; Disability Employment in Minnesota; Seasonal Employment in Northwest Minnesota; and more.

September 2013

In this issue:  Employment at the MN State Fair, measuring Minnesota's GDP, the impact of retail on Southwest Minnesota, and more.

August 2013

In this issue: Highlight on the fast growing and high-paying industries of management, scientific and technical consulting, a spotlight on northeastern Minnesota's construction industry, fun with statistics and more.

July 2013

In this issue:  Minnesota job outlook, information on Minnesota's chemical manufacturing sector, commuting and labor shed data for the Rochester area, and more.

June 2013

In this issue: Are Skilled Workers Scarce?, Employment Projections in Central Minnesota, Measuring Minnesota, and more.

May 2013

In this issue: 2012 Marked Modest Job Growth in Minnesota, Regional Spotlight - Trucking Jobs in Northwest Minnesota, Minnesota Business Developments, and more.

April 2013

In this issue: Teen Summer Employment 2013, Regional spotlight on Public-Sector Employment in Southwest Minnesota, Fun with Statistics, and more.

March 2013

In this issue: Labor Market Information Office Service Summary, Regional Spotlight - Manufacturing in the Northeast, Measuring Minnesota, and more.

February 2013

In this issue: Using Unemployment Rates to Predict Post-Secondary Enrollment, Regional Spotlight - Mankato-North Mankato: an MSA on the Rise, Fun with Statistics, and more.

January 2013

In this issue: Seasonal Adjustment and Weather Extremes, Raising the Curtain on the Hidden Twin Cities Job Market, Minnesota Business Developments, and more.


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