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Offering Peace of Mind

State Employees Group Insurance Program benefits help to ensure your future goals and well-being
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Supporting Your Health

From insurance plans to wellness programs SEGIP supports your health
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Resting Your Pocket Book

SEGIP keeps money in your pocket with Pre-Tax Benefits, Income & Asset Protection 
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Benchmarking Your Life

When life events happen SEGIP provides options for your coverage, counseling and health solutions 
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Convening for Health

SEGIP builds community by offering health fairs, seminars, training & integral health solutions

Health Topics

1 in 3 Americans are at risk for diabetes…Are you?

Prevent, a program to help you lose weight and reduce your risk.  Take one minute to see if you qualify, visit

The Step It Up! challenge to encourage physical activity has started. Participants can track steps through July 17 at the StayWell portal.