MSGC training can be tailored to your needs - from the basic principles of the Guidelines, perfect for new practitioners or those needing refreshers, to more in-depth trainings on complex topics like felony DWI and consecutive sentences. Trainings are available in-person or through webinars for your convenience. CLE credits may apply. To schedule a Guidelines training, please contact Linda McBrayer at 651-757-1728 or

Here are some past webinar and in-person trainings that have been offered:

  • Completing a Sentencing Worksheet: Covers everything from the Severity Level to the Presumptive Sentence (90 minutes).
  • Completing an EJJ Worksheet: This webinar is perfect for both juvenile agents who complete EJJ/Adult Certification worksheets, and for new adult agents (90 minutes).
  • Consecutive Sentencing: A discussion of consecutive-sentencing policies (30 minutes).
  • Criminal History Calculation for Specified Sex Offenses: Focuses on custody status points and prior felony criminal history calculation (30 minutes).
  • Enhanced Felonies: Covers policies that relate to the use of criminal history for an enhanced felony (30 minutes).
  • Sentence Modifiers: Covers attempts and conspiracies and other modifiers and how they are applied to the conviction offense, and the affect they have on the presumptive sentence (60 minutes).
  • Statutory Mandatory Minimums and Presumptive Commitments: Covers how to determine the appropriate sentence when there is a Guidelines' presumptive-commitment policy or a statutorily provided mandatory minimum (60 minutes).
  • Uncovering the Guidelines: Focuses on some of the most frequently cited Guidelines' policies (30 minutes).