Stipulation Status Conferences

What is a Stipulation Status Conference?

An SSC is a conference scheduled by OAH to determine the outcome of a pending dispute. The office has a large volume of cases noted in our computer system as settled and awaiting an SSC, however, no settlement agreement has been received. Of course, there are many reasons this happens. In some instances, there has been a delay in finalizing a settlement agreement. In other cases, the matter should be stricken or dismissed from the calendar, but OAH has not received a written request to do so. Or, the parties no longer agree on a resolution and the matter may need to be scheduled for hearing. The list of possible reasons for a delay in final resolution of the case are many and varied. The purpose of the conference is to update OAH and the other parties concerning the case status, and to make plans to achieve final resolution of the claim.

How are Stipulation Status Conferences scheduled?

After the parties have communicated that a settlement was reached, an SSC will be scheduled. If OAH receives a request for an SSC, the file will be reviewed and an SSC is scheduled if necessary.

Cases are scheduled either with the assigned judge or with Assistant Chief Judge O’Malley. These cases are often scheduled with about fifty other cases during the same hour. Many of the cases are resolved prior to conference and the remaining cases are handled with a quick conference that usually lasts less than ten minutes.

What should I be prepared to discuss at the conference?

Parties not represented by attorneys should come prepared to state the reason(s) final resolution of the case has been delayed, and to propose strategies and a timeline for achieving final resolution.

Am I required to attend the conference?

If you are an attorney for a party or a party not represented by an attorney, you should plan to attend in person (unless the notice you received specifically indicates the conference is being held by telephone). The parties are NOT authorized to cancel the conference by agreement, or to decide by agreement that only certain parties must attend the conference. ALL PARTIES ARE EXPECTED TO APPEAR UNLESS THE PRESIDING JUDGE HAS DETERMINED OTHERWISE. FAILURE OF AN ATTORNEY TO APPEAR MAY RESULT IN A SANCTION UNDER MINN. STAT. § 176.081, SUBD. 12.

Do not expect to cancel the conference by a voicemail message to OAH or to the presiding judge just before the conference. Assume you are required to attend unless you have actual permission from the judge, authorized staff, or you have received an order dismissing the claim.

How may I cancel the conference?

The easiest way to cancel the conference is by submitting a Stipulation for Settlement that is RECEIVED by OAH before the conference, or by submitting a written request to dismiss the claim from the petitioner that is RECEIVED by OAH before the conference. A written request to dismiss the claim should state the reason dismissal is requested such as 1) you are withdrawing the claim, 2) it was resolved by insurer payment, or 3) other information regarding how the claim was fully resolved. A request to strike the case from the active calendar before the conference requires agreement of the parties or the approval of the presiding judge.

See the preceding question concerning attendance at the Stipulation Status Conference. If OAH has not received a Stipulation for Settlement or written request from the petitioner to dismiss the claim before the time of the conference, the parties are expected to appear. DO NOT ASSUME THAT A STIPULATON STATUS CONFERENCE IS CANCELED SIMPLY BECAUSE YOU MADE SUCH A REQUEST. Unless you have received an order dismissing the claim or verbal assurance of conference cancellation from staff or the presiding judge, your appearance is expected. FAILURE TO APPEAR MAY RESULT IN THE CASE BEING STRICKEN FROM THE CALENDAR, DISMISSED, OR SCHEDULED FOR HEARING. FAILURE OF AN ATTORNEY TO APPEAR MAY ALSO RESULT IN A SANCTION UNDER MINN. STAT. § 176.081, SUBD. 12.

Where may I direct additional questions regarding stipulation status conferences?

If you have additional questions, please feel free to call the stipulation status line at 651-361-7950 or send an e-mail to

Contact Information

Questions regarding Stipulation Status Conferences should be directed to 651-361-7950 or

Every effort will be made to return your call as quickly as possible; however, last minute messages left on the day of the conference may not be received until after the scheduled conference time. If your message is not returned prior to the conference, you must report to the conference as scheduled.