judge-krause.jpg Raymond R. Krause 
Chief Judge

Contact Information
LeeAnn Shymanski, Assistant
(651) 361-7832

Chief Judge Krause was appointed to head the Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH) by Governor Tim Pawlenty on January 20, 2004 and again in 2010.

Chief Judge Krause brings a broad experience in the law, business, education and government to the operation of the OAH. Chief Judge Krause hears cases in both the Administrative Law Division and the Workers’ Compensation Division.

Chief Judge Krause can be reached by contacting his Assistant LeeAnn Shymanski at (651)361-7832 or via e-mail at leeann.shymanski@state.mn.us.


  • Juris Doctorate, Georgetown University Law Center, 1978
  • Bachelor of Arts, Georgetown University, 1973


  • Assistant Commissioner, Minnesota Department of Revenue, 2003-2004
  • Judge, Minnesota Tax Court, 1998-2003
  • Dean, Hamline University School of Law, 1994-1998
  • Senior Vice President of Government and Community Affairs, Grand Metropolitan, PLC (Pillsbury), 1984-1994
  • Private Law Practice, Washington D.C., 1978-1984
  • Legislative Assistant, U.S. Representative Silvio Conte, 1975-1978
  • Legislative Assistant, U.S. Senator Peter H. Dominick, 1973-1975