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West Virginia


"Partners brings us together; instills self confidence to become active participants in advocating for our rights."

"Partners opened a lot of doors for our son's future and showed us he can live a full life given the chance."

"I have learned to speak out for people who are disabled and to stand up for our rights."

"Partners was a very good experience, I learned a lot, had fun, got to know other people from around the state."

"Partners revitalized!"

Shirley Klein, a computer specialist, recently traveled to England and had this to say:
My trip has made me realize that we must not only work to preserve and implement the ADA in this country, but we must also strive to ensure these hard won rights are realized by people with disabilities throughout the world.

Deborah Davis is a 2012 West Virginia Partners in Policymaking graduate. Her testimonial not only captures the many benefits she received from her Partners learning experience but sets out a Plan of Action that conveys both challenges and an inspirational message.

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