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Comments from Participants of the Greater Manchester Partners Programme:

Second Session: Education

The realisation that we are not alone, the subject and strategies will be very useful, they will help me prepare for meetings much more, and not to feel intimidated.

The speakers for this session have been extremely informative, enthusiastic and have given me new hope.

Joe! I love his passion, he has given me the confidence to say that I'm angry and that I am going to help change the world. We could talk to Joe, Chris and Lynne all day!!! (Joe Whittaker, tutor at Bolton Institute, he has argued for inclusive education for years, and went to prison following a 'sit-in' at county hall, it was the 60s all over again.)

I have managed to get my daughter 'inclusion' at nursery already rather than 'integration' with the help of my new knowledge, I know that by the end of this course I will be able to decide what I am going to do with my own future as well. Two months ago when asked how I saw my future I just couldn't think that far, THANK YOU EVERYONE.

My confidence and knowledge are increasing which makes me feel good, I feel in a better position now. Education issues are a minefield of problems that are emerging for me now and so far all that I have absorbed is priceless, and will be put to the best use for my circumstances and for the benefit of anyone who wishes to 'pick my brains'.

The speakers were wonderful. Ken is full of positive information that he presented in an easy to understand way. He has made a difference to my line of thinking. Reading his book which is in itself excellent. Meeting him made it all more personal. Jen was a really useful source of information, knowing that she is there for support and advice if needed is a real boost.

Joe is an inspiration and a model of how we should all feel and be. I was engrossed in his talk.

I no longer feel alone in trying to come to terms with having a child with learning difficulties, It was wonderful. And will help me focus on the positive rather than negative attributes that my daughter has.

I have been alone in the wilderness for so long, I realize now that this is no longer the case.

This session will help me to help my son get a place in mainstream school and feel better equipped to face people in authority. I have more confidence in me.

Each of the speakers were powerful and devoted.

Excellent session, more empowerment to self advocate. I hope from this to become one of the better education managers of Britain.

It has given me a different way of dealing with professionals and meetings. How not to be so confrontational and being in control.

I am very grateful to be invited on to this course. My understanding and confidence is improving 10 fold. I wish I had this information when my son was first statemented. I hope I can help other people in the future.

The information on 'Inclusion' and statementing came just in time as we are waiting to hear if the education will agree to re-assess my son.

My daughter is about to be statemented. The session has been too invaluable to write it down. I will be coming next month to boost my positive levels again!

Excellent speakers - that its o.k. to be angry and it is an emotional subject dealing with real people affected by the policies other people make. THANK YOU.

I was inspired by Ken Jupp's commitment. It was useful to meet with the education panel and ask question and learning 'assertiveness tips'.

In the very near future I will be having my first meeting with our new LEA and this session's information will assist me greatly.

I can now help and inform my friend who has just found out that her 3 year old son has learning difficulties, I can back her up.

There are so many areas that before this session I did not understand properly but do now. We could have done with more time with Jen Taylor on statementing.

The speakers were excellent the honesty, experience and general information plus tips will help me in the future. At last I am not alone. We are in the middle of my daughter statement , I feel much more positive now I am armed with the facts.

To remember that 'Head Teachers' and officials at tribunals are equal, I shouldn't feel intimidated I am the one in control, and I now have allies and friends. Looking forward to next month.

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