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Partners in Policymaking, Class of 2006, "A Force for Good," April 29, 2006, Houston, TX. Click here to access the graduation speeches.

The benefits of the Partners program are realized long after the weekend sessions are over. Each person's experience is different but it's the ripple effect, the networking, the new confidence and new opportunities that positively change lives.

"I am so thrilled! It is truly amazing how Partners has affected my life. Over the course of a week I received a hand signed, Presidential Seal letter from Laura Bush about the support group, I had received a letter from Craig Estes, our State Senator telling me he was going to be in Gainesville on Tuesday, October 2nd, and I spoke at that session about IDEA, LRE, CLASS, Inclusive Education, and now this great, great job. I am just on top of the world! It will be a hard week to top! Heck, if I can help people get and keep jobs - and be happy, it will top all of it. To be able to be a part of making someones life independent, and all that goes with it....THAT would be truly awesome..."

"...I cannot thank you enough for picking me Laura to attend the sessions. All of you have made my son Ryan's and my life so much better, also everyone we can touch with our lives..."

Susan Gillis

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