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I have enjoyed participating in the Partners class so very much, I am looking forward to putting my new knowledge to work. You have created a wonderful and necessary program that I am glad to have had the opportunity to attend and benefit from the fabulous resources, wisdom and information you presented.

I finally have wheels. After a wait of over 2 years I received an adapted car in September. I have a permit so now I will take lessons. Persistence pays off!

The information was invaluable. I now understand why it is so derogatory to use the "H" word.

Lettitia Clay, San Angelo, TX

After Partners, I was a changed person. I set to work on creating what was best for Rodney and our family. After some struggle, we got Rodney into a regular third grade class, he got help from staff and other kids. His behavior problems faded away quickly. It was then it dawned on me that Rodney had been bored with no role models. Now he is learning, taking part in school activities and making friends.

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