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"I believe I am where I am today (where I dreamed I'd never be) because of the marketing skills I gained from Partners."

"I knew I had abilities, Partners brought them out to the forefront."

"My experience with Partners is probably the best education I ever received and no one will be able to take that from me."

"The speakers really changed by life. They really made me think about my life in so many different ways."

"The knowledge and fellowship that my husband and I gained from our Partners training simply cannot be outdone."

"Partners helped me to realize that there is a wonderful community that we belong to - - fellow Partners who also are using their knowledge to make the world better for all of us!"

"Partners taught me how important it is for legislators to hear our needs and what we say can make a difference on how they vote."

"Watching the people in my class grow and gain more confidence in themselves was truly wonderful, as were the friendships formed."

"Partners woke up something inside of me. I realized in order to become a successful advocate for my child with a disability, I had to learn to advocate for myself and find the confidence to do that."

"Individuals with disabilities can teach us the basic beauty of life and what is really important. I am so thankful each and every day that my application to Partners in Policymaking was accepted."

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