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Sometimes in our lives things happen to open our eyes. We are able to see farther and focus better then we ever did before!


Partners: Like a dream. The kind of dream you hope will never end. A dream that leaves you feeling fulfilled, strong and energy driven. A dream of hope and of sharing…a sharing of love and praise and thoughts and ideas. Hopes of a brighter future and changes in a society that seems to have run amuck on certain areas of concern: such as health care, education, acceptance, inclusion and brotherly love.

Partners: An opportunity I could not pass by and one that will forever be embedded in my mind. I will without end be in awe of the wonderful beautiful people, and the creative thinkers and doers I was so fortunate to be in the presence of. I have made some amazing friends. Open arms and heartfelt conversation gave way to warm embrace and a sharing and caring of life in our own worlds. Profound similarities in our quest for a quieter more peaceful world came to surface and so our work began.

Partners: A symbol of harmony and a celebration of equality. Visions and goals and thoughts of great social change, desperately seeking to capture their force and explore and feel and experience and then release to the wind like a dove from a cage. A wind with such force and might that the whole world would bow to its power and hold hands and join arms and feel the strength that comes from strong conviction. A wind that would wisp away tyrants of prejudice, stigma, exclusion, narrow mindedness, intolerance, bigotry and injustice. A wind that would gather force as it tripped across boundaries and borders of discontent and would eventually come to rest around the fact that serenity is born of acceptance.

There comes a time when we need to stop whining and blaming others for the things they did or did not do to us.
There comes a time to learn that the only thing you can really expect is the unexpected.
There comes a time to learn that people don't always say what they mean or mean what they say but no matter…it is not always about you or me!
There comes a time when we need to stand on our own two feet and take care of ourselves and in the process a sense of safety and self-assurance will be born of our independence.
There comes a time to learn that in order to achieve peace and contentment there must be pardon and absolution, there must be no judging, pointing of fingers or blaming or shaming.
There comes a time to have another look at who we are and reclassify what we stand for.
There comes a time to learn to go with your instincts and that a great part of life is a self fulfilling prophecy.
There comes a time to learn that anything worth achieving is worth working for.
There comes a time to realize that in order to accomplish our successes we need regulation, a path and determination.
There comes a time to realize that it is OK if you feel you cannot go it alone. If asking for help is a risk for you…take the risk…ask for help! Someone will be there for you.

Let us strive to be the masters of our own destiny! Let us open up to the world the gifts that are only ours and bestow them like a present wrapped in stunning paper! Let our breath be part of the great wind. Let us reach for those that are fearful. Let us lead those that are blinded by iniquities, and offer sign to those that lay on deaf ear. Let us remember the value of human life. Let us remember the value of vigilance and kindness, and the need for compassion, pity and understanding. Let us practice these in our everyday lives and in our own small kingdoms. Let us choose our heroes by those that have created their own freedom. Let us not place blame on society but step forward to liberate ourselves. We only have one life to live and if in living ours we make a difference in but one life, ours shall not have been in vain!

Blow with the wind my friend, walk out into the world and sing your song! Carry your banner high with courage and fortitude! Live in your strength! Do not escape yourself but find yourself! Do not degrade but assert yourself! Shout truth! Drum equality! Sing peace! And remember, "If you think you're too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito!" (Anita Roddick) Unimportant, trivial, slight and insignificant do NOT describe us! Compelling, effective, eloquent and strong best describe the energy and empowerment we have obtained by being part of the great American workshop: Partners in Policymaking!

It does not all have to be a dream. Go out and make it a reality!

Deborah Jendro
Graduate, 2006
Partners in Policymaking

A North Dakota Partners in Policymaking graduate shares reflections about the program and her class (May, 2006) (Acrobat pdf).

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