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Partners in Policymaking received the LOTUS Award from the Women's Committee of Spain Rehabilitation Center. This is a most prestigious and competitive award.

From 1994 Partners graduates:

We protect the rights of the not so strong, to help them out when a right has gone wrong.

To make lives hurt free as we can, is what we'll do for any woman, child, or man.

Our goal is simple, but it covers a very large ground, no one is forgotten, not for many roads around.

So if you're ever turned down, we'll fight your cause until justice is found.

Please give us a call and state your case; Partners will get on it, like running a race.

What I learned from Partners. This will all be possible when the public is also informed.

Tina Perrault is a graduate of the Alabama Partners in Policymaking program.  She wanted to pass along some of her knowledge and skills about the state legislative process to her son, Bobby, and so arranged for him to serve as a page for Alabama State Senator Bradley Byrne. Alabama State Senator Byrne and Bobby

Darryl is 45 years old and lives in a small, rural, home with his parents. Rarely did he travel very far; he had no friends, no dreams, no visions, no opportunities. After Partners, Darryl has begun to plan independent living options; investigate employment possibilities and step out of his home and into his community with confidence!

Alabama Partners in Policymaking Class of 2005

Alabama Class of 2005

Article on the Alabama Council for Developmental Disabilities Partners in Policymaking program (Acrobat pdf).

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