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LifeMatters Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Your Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides expert, confidential, personal consultation for concerns including financial and legal matters, relationship challenges, and personal and family problems. The EAP for state employees and family members is provided by LifeMatters.

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651-259-3840 or

Call a LifeMatters EAP consultant any day and any time, or visit the LifeMatters web site at:

(password: stmn1)

  • LifeMatters EAP
    Everyday, LifeMatters helps state employees and their immediate family members with a wide range of personal and workplace concerns.  A call to LifeMatters' 24/7/365 connects you directly with counseling and work/life specialists who will help you assess and plan for any situation. Don’t hesitate to "call when it is small." No problem is too minor for consultation. By reaching out early, you may be able to avoid bigger problems later on.

    As part of your employee benefit plan, LifeMatters EAP is provided at no cost to you. If your path to resolving your matter will include another resource, such as another service in your health plan or community, your consultant will help you identify service costs (if any) and offer to connect you with that resource.

    LifeMatters’ web site contains a wealth of information, tools, and self-assessment instruments for all kinds of situations: (password: stmn1)

  • Confidentiality
    Professionalism and confidentiality are the cornerstones of the Employee Assistance Program's success. Employees have been able to trust that all information shared with LifeMatters EAP will remain confidential.
    Any employee's contact with LifeMatters EAP will not be shared with any person (including supervisory staff) or agency outside of LifeMatters without the client's written permission. The only exceptions to confidentiality are those situations that are specified under data privacy law. Essentially, these laws require that counselors report to authorities when they have significant concerns over someone's safety, especially when that person is a child or vulnerable adult. All clients are given a full explanation of the exceptions and other data privacy practices at the time of intake.
    You can call anonymously. Individuals are welcome to withhold their real identity while asking for help with their situation.
  • Guidance for Leaders about EAP Referrals
    We can all use some help during challenging times. The state’s employee assistance program is designed to provide that help, regardless of the challenges any employee faces.

    Supervisors are in unique positions to help employees whose work may be affected by personal problems. These concerns can affect employees’ relationships and performance at work as well as at home. The earlier that work problems are addressed clearly and respectfully, the greater likelihood the employee will get the resources and support they need to work productively.

    The Organizational Health Team is an internal component of the Employee Assistance Program, and will help you prepare to refer an employee or colleague to LifeMatters EAP.

  • Descriptive fliers about LifeMatters

    Print, post, or distribute these one-page fliers for yourself or your team.

    Guide to LifeMatters EAP

    LifeMatters EAP can help in so many ways. Here are just ten examples of reasons to use LifeMatters EAP.

Organizational Health Services

The EAP benefit includes the Organizational Health team, which consults with state agencies and unions to support employee effectiveness and dignity.