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Equine Teeth Floating

In 2005, the Minnesota Legislature amended the Veterinary Practice Act to allow non-veterinarians who have met certain criteria to provide equine teeth floating services. The law required equine teeth floaters to be certified by the International Association of Equine Dentistry (IAED) or other professional equine dentistry associations as determined by the Board. Click on a name below to see more information about a Board-registered equine teeth floater.

  • James Johnson

    Grandfathered in by 2005 legislation

  • Carl Mitz

    4386 Gaskamp Rd.
    Washington, TX 77880
    Certified by Intl. Assn. of Equine Dental Technicians
    Supervisor: Dr. Michael Peterson, Cannon Falls

  • Michael Degner

    12308 Hwy 4 South
    Box 174
    Cosmos, MN 56228
    Certified by Equine Gnathological Training institute
    Supervisor: Dr. Steven Rumsey, Willmar

  • Melanie Hoeck

    1650 E. 2800 St.
    Wendell, ID 83355-3033
    Certified by Academy of Equine Dentistry 
    Supervisor: Dr. John Hoeck

  • Amanda Prochazka

    31679 640th Ave.
    Hartland, MN 56042
    Certified by Texas Institute of Equine Dentistry
    Supervisor: Dr. David Wessling, Albert Lea

Programs that are currently recognized by the Minnesota Board of Veterinary Medicine for certification as equine teeth floaters:

2) Academy for Equine Dentistry – approved by Board May 14, 2008
3) Equine Gnathological Training Institute – approved by Board May 10, 2011
4) Texas Institute of Equine Dentistry – approved by Board September 27, 2011

After obtaining certification by one of the programs listed above, the individual must provide the Board of Veterinary Medicine with documentation of their certification along with a written statement from a Minnesota veterinarian who will provide direct or indirect supervision.

 Minnesota Statutes 156.075; Requirement for Equine Teeth Floaters

Subdivision 1. Definitions. For purposes of this section the following terms have the meanings given them.
    (a) "Equine teeth floating" means:
        (1) removal of enamel points from teeth with handheld, nonmotorized, non-air-powered  files or rasps;
        (2) reestablishing normal molar table angles and freeing up lateral excursion and other normal movements of the mandible;
        (3) shaping the lingual aspect of the lower arcades and the buccal aspect of the upper arcades to a rounded smooth surface; and
        (4) removing points from the buccal aspect of the upper arcade and the lingual aspect of the lower arcade.
    (b) "Indirect supervision" means a veterinarian must be available by telephone or other form of immediate communication. The veterinarian must be currently licensed under this chapter.
Subd. 2. Equine teeth floating services.
    (a) A person may perform equine teeth floating services after submitting to the Board the following:
        (1) proof of current certification from the International Association of Equine Dentistry or other professional equine dentistry association as determined by the Board; and
        (2) a written statement signed by a supervising veterinarian experienced in large animal medicine that the applicant will be under direct or indirect supervision of the veterinarian when floating equine teeth.
    (b) The Board must waive the requirement in paragraph (a), clause (1), and allow a person to perform equine teeth floating services if the person provides satisfactory evidence of being actively engaged in equine teeth floating for at least ten of the past 15 years and has generated at least $5,000 annually in personal income from this activity.