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Disciplinary and Corrective Actions

Click the links below to see disciplinary and corrective actions against veterinarians and non-veterinarians in the state of Minnesota. Please see the above disciplinary and corrective action definitions for clarifications about the type of discipline and corrective action.

Types of Board Actions


License Revocation

  • The license to practice is taken from the licensee, usually on a permanent basis

License Suspension

  • The license is taken from the licensee for a specified period of time and restored to the licensee predicated on the licensee fulfilling specified requirements. Suspension may be completely or partially stayed.


  • Licensee retains license, but is prohibited from performing specified acts or services. Limitations are defined in a Stipulation and Order. Limitations may be removed by the Board if the veterinarian has completed the required remediation.


  • Licensee retains license predicated on fulfilling certain requirements specified by the Board. Conditions may be removed by the Board if the veterinarian has met the specified requirements.

Corrective Action

When a veterinarian has been found by the Board to have performed in a substandard manner pertaining to Statutes and Rules that apply to veterinary medicine, the Board and veterinarian agree to a plan for positive change: Agreement for Corrective Action (ACA)

Reprimand or Censure

Licensee retains license but is publicly or privately reprimanded, most often for unethical behavior. This behavior may have occurred in Minnesota or in other states. An administrative penalty may also be assessed.

Cease and Desist

The Board has the authority to issue an order requiring an unlicensed person to cease and desist from the unauthorized practice of veterinary medicine.