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Continuing Education Sponsors 

Board Rules governing Continuing Education are found in Minnesota Rules Ch. 9100.1000.

CE programs sponsored by the AVMA, CVMA, AHA, regional specialty boards, state and local VMA's, colleges of veterinary medicine, academic or specialty groups, academies of veterinary practice, international veterinary organizations, USAHA, USDA, and the Minnesota Board of Animal Health are pre-approved and do not require individual approval.   

Sponsors of CE programs not automatically pre-approved as described above must submit an application for course approval at least 90 days prior to the presentation date. 

Program approvals are valid for one year.  If you repeat the program in subsequent years, you must submit a new approval request. 

If your program includes a speaker who is not a board certified specialist, please include the Continuing Education Speaker Biography Form with your application request.

Please use the Veterinarian Continuing Education Sponsor Application to apply for approval.

If you anticipate the program will be offered in several states, you may wish to seek approval through the American Association of Veterinary State Boards' Registry of Approved Continuing Education (RACE). 

NOTE:   Effective 7/1/2007, a $50 CE sponsor fee is charged for review and approval of each CE program for program application review.  A $50 check to MN Board of Veterinary Education must be sent with application (credit cards not accepted).

Individual CE Approval and Records

Licensees, within 30 days of attending a non-preapproved course, may apply to the Board for credit by completing and submitting an individual continuing education course approval form. The Board is the final determinator of credit to be allowed. If you have a question about whether or not your program can be considered for individual CE approval, please contact the Board. Please submit the Individual Continuing Education Application for approval, along with any information you can provide to the Board about the course (speaker biography, brochure, lecture notes, etc).

Other forms:

Personal Record of CE Participation (DVM personal use only)