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Nursing Education - Preparing for Licensure

The Board of Nursing must approve nursing education programs conducted in Minnesota that prepare persons to be licensed as practical and professional nurses. Access information about the statutory requirements for initial and continuing approval of nursing programs and link to information about approved Minnesota licensure-preparing nursing education programs.

2014 Nursing Education Program Report (PDF) 
Access information regarding nursing education program approval, trends in nursing education, and work of the education committee.

Advanced Practice Nursing Programs
View a list of the advanced practice programs recognized by the Board.

View the Board criteria for a nursing refresher course.

Approved Practical Nursing Programs
View a list of practical nursing programs and link to their home pages.

Approved Professional Nursing Programs
View a list of professional nursing programs and link to their home pages.

Board Corrective Action
Access information regarding programs below the first-time candidate success rates on the NCLEX minimum standard. 

Closed Nursing Programs
Read about closed nursing programs.

Requirements for Approval of a Nursing Program 
Read about the requirements for approval and renewal of approval of a nursing program and link to statutes and renewal of approval survey schedules.

Statistical Data
Access data regarding Minnesota nursing education programs and graduates.

National Nursing Accreditation Organizations

Scholarship and Grant Opportunities

Nursing Student Summer Clinical Internships