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All Board of Nursing expenses are supported by fees charged to applicants and licensees. Fees charged by the Minnesota Board of Nursing for services related to the issuance of a license to a Registered Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse are based on the costs of providing the services and maintaining the activities required of the agency. The Board is required to collect sufficient fees every two years so that the income will as closely as possible equal anticipated expenditures during a fiscal biennium. The budget is approved by the Board of Nursing and appropriated by the legislature every two years. All fees paid to the Minnesota Board of Nursing are non-refundable.

Effective July 22, 2011

Licensure Fees Amount
Application for licensure by examination $105.00
*plus elicensing fee $10.50
Total $115.50
Re-examination $60.00
Application for licensure by endorsement $105.00
*plus elicensing fee $10.50
Total $115.50
Renewal and Reregistration Fees Amount
Registration renewal (2 years) $85.00
*plus elicensing fee $8.50
Total $93.50
Reregistration $105.00
*plus elicensing fee $10.50
Total $115.50
Other Fees Amount
Public Health Nurse registration $30.00

Border State Registry

  • Initial application
  • Any subsequent notice of employment change to
    remain or be reinstated on the registry
Fees for Replacement Documents Amount
License $20.00
Public Health Nurse registration certificate $5.00

*In 2009 the legislature enacted MN Statute 16E.22 which requires state agencies to collect a temporary surcharge of 10% of the licensing fee for business, commercial, professional and occupational licenses. This includes nursing licenses and must be collected whether application is made by paper or online. This fee must be collected from July 2009 through June 2015.