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Advanced Practice

*On May 13, 2014 and effective January 1, 2015, Governor Dayton signed into law a bill that will require a separate license for APRNs. The current rules and practice information for APRNs in effect until December 31, 2014, can be found here, under the Licensees tab and the Advanced Practice link.

For more information regarding the new laws and the process for obtaining an APRN license in Minnesota, please follow the links under the Advanced Practice tab.

Learn more about Advanced Practice Registered Nursing.

Advanced Practice Registered Nursing Information
Read about what an advanced practice registered nurse is and does and what differentiates them from RNs.

APRN Registry
Learn about how to be placed on the APRN registry.

DEA number
Learn how to obtain a DEA number.

The Minnesota commitment act
Read more about the Minnesota commitment act that permits APRNs to serve as examiners and health officers.