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About the Board

About the Board Find information about the Board of Nursing mission, membership, biennial report and meeting minutes. About the Board Topics

Affirmative Action Plan
Find the Board's most recent Affirmative Action Plan.

Board Member Positions
View the different board member positions

Board of Nursing News
Access the current Minnesota Board of Nursing Newsletter

Current Nursing Board Members
View a listing of current board members.

How to become a Board Member
Learn how to become a board member.

Mission, Functions and Values of the Board
View the mission, functions and values of the Board of Nursing.

Our History
The 100 year chronicle of the Minnesota Board of Nursing will be posted in chapters, each comprising a decade of Board history. The chapters will be posted at intervals.

Board Meeting Minutes
If you would like additional information please contact the Board.

2013-2014 Biennial Report
Access the 2013-2014 Minnesota Board of Nursing Biennial Report.