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Initial Licensure and Licensee FAQs

License Eligible & Initial License

  • I’ve graduated, completed my practicum, and passed both exams. Now what?
    Each time supporting evidence arrives at the board office and is accepted into your official board record, staff send you a License Data Sheet. When all items are “marked” on the License Data Sheet as completed, you will receive direction how to request and pay for your first license.
  • What are the initial license fees?
    The board prorates the $200.00 annual license fee for your first license. If you request your first license between July 1 and December 31, the full $200.00 applies. If your first license is requested between January 1st and June 30th, when all licenses expire every year, the fee is $100.00. A 10% temporary surcharge is currently applied for the Office of Electronic Technology. This OET surcharge will be collected until July 2015.
  • What is the OET surcharge and how is the money used for board operations?
    In 2009, the legislature enacted MN Statute 16E.22 which requires all state agencies to collect a temporary surcharge of 10% of the licensing fee for business, commercial, professional and occupational licenses. This includes all health related occupational licenses and must be collected whether the license is made by paper or online. This fee must be collected from July 2009 through June 2015 and is transferred entirely to the Office of Electronic Technology for their general funded priorities. The BENHA board members did not support the new proposed system nor believe this additional expense is beneficial to licensees or the board. The board does support the pursuit of electronic government services.

    Since 2009, the Board of Nursing Home Administrators has utilized our reserve fund to meet this OET requirement, but the reserve fund is now depleted, having been transferred to other non-board related operations. We are now obligated by law to collect the surcharge directly from our initial license and license renewal applicants beginning January 1, 2011, for these licenses. At this time, the board will continue to pay the credit card convenience fee of nearly 4% per transaction to encourage a strong electronic system. 

Licensee FAQs

  • What do the licensees who aren’t currently administering a facility do?
    Some are former administrators who have retired and want to keep up their licensure, some desire only interim jobs, many work as Assisted Living Administrators, some work in corporate offices of companies which manage nursing homes, and some are looking for work as administrators.
  • I'm leaving (or starting) at a facility, who is required to be informed?
    By entering the information online you legally notify the BENHA board, the Minnesota Department of Health and the Minnesota Department of Human Services. This must be done within ten days of a start or end date of the assignment.

    Log onto the BENHA website at "Licensee Login" and select Administrator of Record Changes. Enter the facility from a drop down list for a new facility and the date at Minnesota skilled facilities only. We don't have jurisdiction for out of state or assisted living facilities. For closing a facility assignment, merely enter a 'end' date by clicking on the date field. 
  • What do we do when our administrator leaves?
    An Acting Permit QA document is posted on both pages under the Acting Permit tab above.

Shared Administrator

  • Can I work at two different skilled facilities in Minnesota?
    Current Minnesota law allows facilities to share administrators to fulfill the federal requirement for a licensed administrator. Our state pioneered this approach in an attempt to acknowledge the need for facility flexibility with different leadership models in creating diverse campuses serving elders, while maintaining the federal requirement. The board is firm in advocating for the campus leadership skill set required of a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator. This law was not created to encourage a reduction in Administration expense or to circumvent the LNHA licensure process. Leadership sets the environment for both staff and residents in creating quality environments. 
  • How do I split my time?
    The core competencies taught during the licensure process need to be present at both sites. There is no time requirement of 35 hours per week or 20 hours at each site; the board determined the LNHA needs to determine how to coach, counsel or teach those core competencies to others without a rigid daily ‘on duty’ time frame. A LNHA is the only one in the building with those core competencies. 
  • Do I really need to be onsite or just respond to phone calls and emails?
    A LNHA cannot impact the environment if they are not visible. The board needs to assure the public that licensees “do not hang their license on the wall” to meet a regulation, rather, that they engage in models of leadership that promote quality outcomes. The licensee must maintain a sufficient on–site presence and is ultimately responsible for the operations of the facility. The core competency of management by wandering about (MWA) or rounding is vital for a shared administrator and usually the first question asked by the Standards of Practice Committee during a complaint investigation. 
  • Does the board view it differently if I have a bad survey as a shared administrator?
    No. The same standards apply whether a solo facility, shared between two campuses or shared between Assisted Living and skilled care. If MDH annual surveys or complaint investigations focus on administration, the Standards of Practice Committee of the board will typically request your policies and procedures on delegation of authority, as required in Minn. Stat. 144A.04. They may ask about your focus on the issues generated during the survey and obviously if the LNHA is not involved in the QI process or Quality Improvement Team that can pose a problem. The board expects the signature of the Administrator of Record/Appointed Authority (per your Provider Agreement), on the CMS 2567, on all formal Minnesota Department of Health correspondence and complaint investigations to assure that you are effectively managing the facility. The board also requires you to abide with Minnesota Rules 4658.0060 which list current expectations no matter the work environment. 
  • Can I just copy my license for the second facility?
    No. A board issued duplicate license is required. A $10.00 fee is required and a duplicate mailed to the licensee when the fee is received. 
  • What was the initial discussion to allow a shared Administrator?
    Minnesota was a pioneer in creating this landmark leadership model recognizing the different models of administrative leadership approaches and management systems. The skill set or core competencies that follow the credentialing of the NHA should be utilized for the residential based elder care models regardless of the licensure; whether two skilled facilities, or skilled, assisted living and apartments with day care. It was created for flexibility to adjust to a changing paradigm. Rigid, disciplined models of regulation become law when negative outcomes regularly occur in practice. BENHA must assure the public that residents are effectively served through qualified, innovative, resident focused administrators. 
  • Are there resources to review?
    To assist the licensee in meeting the board’s expectations, the items are sent to the LNHA.
    They are also found on the website:

    Minnesota Statute 144A.04 - Original language for Shared Licensed Administrator

    Minnesota Rules 4658.0055 and 4658.0060 - Current Practice Responsibilities for the LNHA

    Minnesota Rules 6400.5000-3790 - Current Nursing Home Administrators standards

    Domains of Practice Standards - National Association of Boards – Core Competencies