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Continuing Education for Licensees

  • How many approved clock hours do I need to renew my license?
    Twenty (20) in the CE educational year of May 1st of the prior year to April 30th of the renewal year.
  • It’s my first renewal; do I need all twenty clock hours?
    The first year CE requirement is prorated, depending upon the date of the first license issued. If issued in July, all 20 clock hours are required. If in August, September, October - 15 clock hours; in November, December and January - 10 clock hours; and February and March - five (5) clock hours are required. Zero hours are required if you are licensed in April, May or June. Future renewals will require the full 20 hours each year, as stated in current Rules.
  • I attended a workshop that wasn’t approved by BENHA or NAB. How can I get it approved?
    Go online and complete the CE Review Form and submit with payment. BENHA values ‘quality’ education and will allow a post review of previously held education within the education year from May 1st in the current education CE year. BENHA staff will review and email their decision with an approval number, typically reading MN YY- ## P (for Private Review).
  • I’m short of CE this year. What do you suggest?
    Check out the NAB website for national online vendors. Many CE approved companies offer shorter 1, 2, or 3-hour courses online. Typically, state approved educators offer additional continuing education during the month of April. All Minnesota approved CE is posted on the BENHA website. NAB’s website (see CE page under Licensees tab above) lists all the nationally approved CE programs. 
  • What other CE options exist instead of the routine seminar?
    Review Minnesota Rules 6400.6850 on the website. Specific examples and the award of CE is listed for such items as presenting a paper or lecture at a national or statewide meeting, lecture at a college, serving as a preceptor, writing an article for a national periodical, or serving on a board, committee or council dealing with issues related to nursing facilities. There are many options to build and enhance your competency.
  • I’m getting my Masters. Can I use those courses for my clock hours?
    The completed academic courses from an accredited postsecondary institution shall receive nine CE credits for every quarter credit and 12 CE credits for every semester credit.
  • How does the board review CE subject matter?
    The core competencies are created by the National Association of Boards (NAB) Job Analysis with 40 subject matter experts from around the nation determining the contemporary skill set of an administrator. They are updated into the five ‘domains’ of 1). Resident and Quality of Life, 2) Human Resources, 3) Finance 4) Physical Plant and Atmosphere and 5) Leadership and Management. Education must relate to one the ‘core competencies’ deemed as essential to function effectively as a contemporary administrator.
  • How long must I keep documentation of my CE hours?
    Four years. The audit look behind is four years and is used when a discrepancy is found during the annual license renewal. The Board will never have a look back period beyond four years.
  • When can I start obtaining continuing education hours?
    CE can be earned from the day you become licensed and starts over during the renewal period, or every May 1st. The board considers the education year to be May 1st to April 30th of the year the license expires.
  • Can I apply for CE approval after the seminar?
    Yes, the board wants you attend valuable continued education and you can apply for CE approval post event if within the current CE year of the prior May 1st to April 30th of the renewal year. 
  • Are there any free of charge, NAB approved CEUs available to Administrators?
    McKnight's Long-Term Care News and Assisted Living offers many free of charge webinars with contemporary administrative practices.  All webinars are NAB approved and are frequently offered at: