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The Minnesota Board of Marriage and Family Therapy is charged by statute to ensure that licensees practice in a professional, legal, and ethical manner.  Standards of practice are set forth in the Board's Code of Ethics and in the Client’s Bill of Rights.  When a licensee is found to violate these standards, the Board will take appropriate action against the licensee.  

The Board has several options, which may range from requiring additional education to revocation of the license.  

Formal complaints must be filed in writing on the Complaint Registration Form.  Complaints are reviewed by the Board’s Complaint Panel to determine whether probable violation of statute or the Code of Ethics exists.  If the panel determines that a probable violation has occurred, the complaint is referred to the Office of the Minnesota Attorney General for investigation. 

Upon completion of this investigation, the Complaint Panel will receive an  “investigative report” outlining investigative findings.  The Complaint Panel may then hold a hearing with the licensee if the investigation produces evidence of probable cause.  The Panel may then recommend appropriate action for full Board approval.

It should be noted that not all mental health professionals are licensed by the Board of Marriage and Family Therapy.  Others may be licensed and/or regulated as follows: 

Minnesota Board of Psychology   
(612) 617-2230  

Social Workers:  
Minnesota Board of Social Work  
(612) 617-2100
Minnesota Board of Medical Practice  
(612) 617-2130 

Licensed Alcohol & Drug Counselors 
Licensed Professional Counselors  
Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors: 
Minnesota Board of Behavioral Health Therapists  
(612) 617-2178 

This statement is intended only as a brief overview of the disciplinary process.  The public is encouraged to call the Board office for answers to specific questions.