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"I love my career, and I believe it is because of HPSP that I didn't end up having to close the doors to my private practice which took years to build."

"HPSP's random drug screening kept me honest and on track in my early years of sobriety while I was creating a new sober lifestyle by implementing the changes in my life I had learned during treatment."

"I appreciate the professional and helpful staff at HPSP. Overall I had a good experience in the Program and I would definately recommend its services to others who are considering making a self-referral."

"Being accountable for keeping my appointments with my therapist and psychiatrist and completing my self updates helped me understand the value of healthy self-care and gave me greater insight into my illness."


For Prospective Participants

If you are on this page you are likely considering referring yourself to HPSP. Perhaps you have decided it is time to enroll, or perhaps your employer or a treatment provider has strongly recommended that you call us. In any case, welcome. Following is a general description about what happens when you enroll in HPSP. For more specific information, we encourage you to contact us. You may remain anonymous until you have decided to enroll.

Why should I enroll in HPSP?

Whether you meet the statutory requirement to report yourself or whether you have decided to report yourself at an earlier stage in your illness, participation in HPSP means that you do not have to report your illness to your licensing board. Important for your health and your career, your participation helps to ensure long term success in recovery from your illness.  HPSP serves persons regulated by the Minnesota health licensing boards as well as some professions regulated by the Department of Health.  Click here to see if your profession is eligible for HPSP services.

How do I refer myself?

Call us at (651) 643-2120 and state you would like to enroll. If you have received a letter from HPSP asking you to call us, or if you have received a letter from your licensing board to call us, the process is the same.

What happens when I contact HPSP to enroll?

You will speak to a case manager who will conduct a telephone interview about your situation. At the conclusion of the interview, your case manager will discuss the next steps. For example, you may need a time and location for an assessment to determine if you have a current illness.  It may also be necessary to obtain medical records. Enrollment materials and authorization forms for you to complete and return will be sent to you. Rarely, some individuals are not statutorily eligible to participate in monitoring without a board referral. Call us if you would like more information about this.

What information does HPSP collect about me?

During your enrollment interview, your case manager will explain how HPSP, as a government agency, uses the data that is collected about you. In general, but with a few exceptions, we need your written permission to obtain or share information about you. “Confidential monitoring” means that HPSP does not inform the board of your enrollment and participation when you self-refer or are referred by a third party other than your licensing board. However, there are some exceptions which will be explained to you during your enrollment interview or if you call with preliminary questions.

After I enroll in HPSP, then what?

HPSP needs to determine, 1) if you have an illness and 2) whether your illness warrants participation in HPSP monitoring. This determination is made after we receive the necessary assessments and/or medical records. If monitoring is warranted, we will ask you to sign a Participation Agreement explaining the terms of the contract between you and HPSP. The agreement will contain the length of time you will be participating and the terms under which the licensing board would be notified should there be substantial non-compliance. If monitoring is not warranted because we have determined there is not a current illness, your file will be closed, and your licensing board is will usually not be notified. The exception to this is when there is an apparent practice act violation not related to any illness that would obligate us to inform your licensing board.

What is the cost of monitoring?

The cost of HPSP services is free to the participant, because your licensing board pays for our services. You are responsible for the cost of your assessments, treatment, and if required, toxicology screens.

How long do I have to be monitored?

The length of monitoring depends on your diagnosis and can be between 12 and 60 months, with the average being 36 months.

Why does my employer need to know I am in HPSP?

We rely on your work supervisor to let us know how you are doing every quarter via a brief behavioral checklist. The supervisor also notifies us as concerns arise. Employers are given information about your illness on a need-to-know basis.

When should I report myself?

The only way we can determine whether you have an illness that warrants monitoring is to go through our enrollment process.

Am I eligible for HPSP if I am not working in my profession?

As long as you meet program eligibility requirements, your employment status generally does not have an impact on your eligibility.