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Administrative Rules for LPCs & LPCCs

All LPC applicants and licensees of the Board are responsible for familiarizing themselves with the formal rules applicable to the license credential they hold or for which they are applying. 

Rules related to Licensed Professional Counselors fall into the following categories:

2150.0050 to 2150.0160 – LPC Rules Related to License Renewals and Terminations – Effective 7/12/05
2150.2500 to 2150.2660 – LPC Rules Related to Continuing Education – Effective 7/5/05
2150.5000 to 2150.5010 – LPC Rules Related to Supervision – Effective 7/5/05

 2150.7500 to 2150.7610 – LPC Rules Related to Conduct – Effective 10/10/05

 You may use the link below to access the Board's LPC Rules.  By using this link you will be leaving the Board's website:
              BBHT's Formal Rules for Licensed Professional Counselors