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Ordering Mailing List (LPC,LPCC & Approved Supervisors)  

To order the mailing list of LPCs & LPCCs or Approved Supervisors for professional counselors please complete the LPC/LPCC mailing list request form.  The fee for each list is based on the length of each document (see "Copies of Public Government Data") .  Current fees for each list are:
     LPCs & LPCCs                                                            $15.00
     Approved Supervisors                                             $10.00 

The mailing lists for LPCs and LPCCs include: each licensee's name; license number; license status; designated mailing address; issue date; and expiration date.  The mailing list of Approved Supervisors (with a public designation) includes: each supervisor's name; date approved; and designated mailing address and phone number.

To order a mailing list of Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselors (LADCs), please use the LADC mailing list request form .  (If you choose to order lists from both the LPC/LPCC program and the LADC program, please provide separate payments.)