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Registered Responsibilities 

Although the Board makes an effort to contact all registrants at time of renewal it is the barber’s responsibility to renew on time with or without renewal notice from the Board.

Certificates issued by the Minnesota Board of Barber Examines are subject to a one year renewal cycle.  Apprentice, Registered (Master), Instructor, and Barber School registrations expire annually ending on December 31st .  Barber Shop registrations expire annually ending on June 30th.  

All barbers must work in a registered barber shop.  It is the responsibility of each barber to know that the shop is registered.  An individual cannot work as a barber in Minnesota without a Minnesota registration, even if they have a registration in another state.  It is the responsibility of the barber shop owner and designated master barber (manager) to know that all the barbers in the shop are registered in Minnesota.