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The following bills have been signed into law, or returned to the Legislature with a veto:

Legislation for 2014

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ChapterHouse FileSenate FileDescriptionPresentedSignedVetoedFiled w/o Signature
1562004This bill modifies human services appropriations in order to correct the law to match the intent of the 2013 Legislature. Without this language, there would be unintended reductions to funds for children’s services and adult mental health grants. The bill passed unanimously in both chambers.4/8/144/11/14--
1551892This bill designates a segment of marked Trunk Highway 36 as "Officer Richard Crittenden, Sr., Memorial Highway." The bill passed unanimously in both chambers.4/2/144/3/14--
1542100This bill removes the residency requirement for deputy registrars. This bill passed the House 131-0 and the Senate 61-4.4/2/144/3/14--
1532385This bill updates Minnesota statute to conform to new rules of civil procedure for discovery plans, so that the full 180 days of discovery mandated by the legislature to prepare expert affidavits is maintained. The bill passed unanimously in both chambers.4/2/144/3/14--
1522665This bill removes five obsolete, redundant, and unnecessary laws related to military affairs. Laws removed through this bill date back to 1921, including state requirements for National Guard uniforms and equipment, which are now covered by federal law. The bill passed unanimously in both chambers.3/31/144/2/14--
1511952This bill ratifies labor agreements and compensation plans for state employees. This bill passed the House 84-48 and the Senate 43-22.3/25/143/26/14--
1501777This bill enacts $508 million in tax cuts for Minnesotans. The bill makes changes to individual income, corporate franchise, property, sales and use, estate, mineral, local, and other taxes and tax-related provisions; changes property tax aids and credits; modifies education aids and levies; makes changes to additions and subtractions from federal taxable income; provides for federal conformity; changes tax rates for estates; modifies income tax credits; modifies estate tax provisions; repeals the gift tax; modifies the definition of sale and purchase; modifies sales tax exemptions; modifies tax increment financing rules; modifies the distribution of taconite production taxes; and modifies and provides provisions for public finance.3/21/143/21/14--
1492647This bill reduces verbiage by eliminating unnecessary and redundant laws relating to Higher Education. The bill passed unanimously in both chambers.3/21/143/25/14--
1481455This bill makes the Blue Earth County Library Board advisory to the County Board. The bill passed in the House 119-6, and in the Senate 64-0.3/21/143/25/14--
147897This bill makes changes to reimbursement classifications for residents of nursing homes and boarding care homes. 3/13/143/14/14--

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