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The following bills have been signed into law, or returned to the Legislature with a veto:

Legislation for 2015

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ChapterHouse FileSenate FileDescriptionPresentedSignedVetoedFiled w/o Signature
801437This is the omnibus jobs and energy bill. The bill appropriates money to state agencies involved with economic and workforce development, labor and industry, housing, commerce, and energy.5/20/15-5/23/15-
79846This is the omnibus agriculture, environment, and natural resources finance bill.5/20/15-5/23/15-
781535This is the omnibus Health and Human Services policy bill.5/20/155/22/15--
77888This is the omnibus state government finance bill.5/20/155/23/15--
76698This state government bill appropriates money from a constitutionally dedicated environment and natural resources trust fund and modifies provisions for Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources.5/20/155/22/15--
751647This is the omnibus transportation finance bill. This bill contains funding for the Department of Transportation, the Metropolitan Council, and the Department of Public Safety.5/20/155/22/15--
741792This is the Minnesota Department of Health policy bill.5/20/155/22/15--
73205This is the omnibus campaign finance bill.5/20/155/22/15--
72844This is the omnibus E-12 education finance bill.5/20/15-5/21/15-
711458This is the omnibus Health and Human Services finance bill.5/20/155/22/15--

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