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The following bills have been signed into law, or returned to the Legislature with a veto:

Legislation for 2014

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ChapterHouse FileSenate FileDescriptionPresentedSignedVetoedFiled w/o Signature
2432614This transportation bill removes the length limit for certain connector highways, and allows a one-week bid advertisement period for certain trunk highway contracts. The bill contains two Unsession provisions, and passed unanimously in both chambers.5/12/145/13/14--
2422712This bill clarifies that failing to pay court-ordered support is a crime. The bill passed unanimously in both chambers. 5/12/145/13/14--
2411740This bill requires all new smartphones sold in Minnesota after July 1, 2015, to have an anti-theft “kill switch” function. This new kill switch function will allow smartphone owners to remotely disable their smartphone if it is lost or stolen, rendering the devices useless to thieves and reducing the incentive for a growing wave of violent cell phone thefts.5/12/145/14/14--
2402336This bill provides for the sale, storage, and other regulations of liquor. The bill authorizes and establishes various liquor licenses, and contains provisions for gambling fraud. This passed the House 120-10 and the Senate 49-15. 5/12/145/13/14--
2392536The Women’s Economic Security Act (WESA), is nation-leading legislation designed to break down barriers to economic progress for women. WESA strengthens workplace protections and flexibility for pregnant women and nursing mothers, expands employment opportunities for women in high-wage, high-demand occupations, and reduces the gender pay gap through increased enforcement of equal pay laws. 5/9/145/11/14--
2382265This bill authorizes the Secretary of State obtain certain data from Department of Public Safety to increase voter registration and improve the accuracy of voter registration records. This passed the House 117-16 and the Senate 58-6.5/9/145/13/14--
2372543This bill enacts new procedures and timelines to streamline the environmental permitting process, helping ensure that an estimated 11,000 of the 15,000 permit requests the state receives from businesses each year are completed in 90 days or less. Most of the remaining permits will be completed in less than 150 days. 5/9/145/13/14--
2362670This bill updates and clarifies the statute governing licensing provisions for The Minnesota Board of Architecture, Engineering, Land Surveying, Landscape Architecture, Geoscience, and Interior Design Board. This bill passed the House 111-8 and the Senate 56-1. 5/9/145/13/14--
235511This health bill improves access to health care delivered by advanced practice registered nurses and creates an advisory council. This bill passed the House 119-13 and the Senate 64-0.5/9/145/13/14--
2342423This public safety bill addresses the needs of incarcerated women during pregnancy and childbirth, and authorizes an advisory committee. The bill passed unanimously in both chambers. 5/9/145/13/14--

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