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Governor Dayton signs Chapters 49 through 52

May 09, 2013

Today, Governor Mark Dayton signed four bills into law:

  • Chapter 49, House File 947: Relating to human services; distinguishing and clarifying law regarding civil commitment of sexually dangerous persons and persons with sexual psychopathic personalities from other civil commitments;
  • Chapter 50, House File 194: Relating to commerce; preventing fraud; regulating money transmissions; establishing a no transmit list; requiring certain notifications and verifications;
  • Chapter 51, House File 588: Relating to health; requiring a hospital staffing report; requiring a study on nurse staffing levels and patient outcomes; appropriating money; and
  • Chapter 52, House File 1113: Relating to natural resources; appropriating money from environment and natural resources trust fund; modifying provisions for Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources; modifying requirements for land acquisition with trust fund money.