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Governor Dayton signs Chapters 29 through 36

May 01, 2013

Today, Governor Mark Dayton signed eight bills into law:

  • Chapter 29, Senate File 442: Relating to human services; modifying membership requirements for the Council on Disability;
  • Chapter 30, Senate File 422: Relating to children; creating the Family Reunification Act of 2013;
  • Chapter 31, Senate File 1016: Relating to nursing; modifying definitions in the Minnesota Nurse Practicing;
  • Chapter 32, House File 669: Relating to public safety; expanding and updating the authority of the Statewide Radio Board to include the latest emergency communication technologies; authorizing the Statewide Radio Board to elect to become a statewide emergency communication board; including tribal governments in regional radio board structure; providing comprehensive authority under board to address all emergency communications; providing for rulemaking; requiring a study;
  • Chapter 33, House File 1378: Relating to workers' compensation; modifying Workers' Compensation Court of Appeals personnel provisions;
  • Chapter 34, Senate File 769: Relating to public safety; clarifying certain statutory provisions relating to crime victim rights and programs; providing for a restitution working group;
  • Chapter 35, Senate File 324: Relating to the state auditor; requiring employees and officers of local public pension plans to report unlawful actions; and
  • Chapter 36, House File 19: Relating to civil law; allowing agency designations on certain accounts; providing form language; making clarifying changes; clarifying filing requirements for appeals to Tax Court.