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Minnesota Responds: State of the State Address

February 06, 2013

Saint Paul – This evening, Governor Dayton delivered the 2013 State of the State address to a joint session of the legislature. The Governor’s speech laid out a vision for investing in our state’s future, fixing our broken tax system and strengthening the middle class. In response, leaders from around Minnesota lauded the Governor for this vision.

 “I agree with the Governor’s assessment on this important issue at this historic event. Minnesotans spoke clearly last year about this issue and told us the values that unite us are more important than those that divide us—that marriage is about love, commitment and responsibility. The state budget and our economy are the focus at the start of this session, as they should be. There is also room at the right time to have this conversation, which, consistent with everything else the legislature is working on, is really all about helping families do well.”

 - Senator Scott Dibble (District 61, DFL-Minneapolis)

 “Governor Dayton has shown tremendous leadership and I applaud his positive vision for Minnesota’s future. The last decade of cuts, gimmicks, and no revenue has squeezed our middle class and has hurt our state’s chances for long-term prosperity. I share Governor Dayton’s priority of investing in education because a good education system is essential to developing the highly-skilled workforce that will attract and retain businesses for our state, and strengthen our middle class. I look forward to working with the governor and my colleagues in the legislature to build a brighter future and a better Minnesota.”

 - Assistant Majority Leader Rep. John Ward (DFL – Baxter)

 “I applaud Governor Dayton’s leadership and his plan to position Minnesota for success in future. Efforts to reform health care, new investments to our education system, and improvements to public infrastructure will help Minnesota continue to thrive both now and in the future. I look forward to working with fellow legislators and the Governor on these issues throughout the session.”

 - Rep. Tina Liebling

“Governor Dayton has articulated a vision to move Minnesota forward. Like the Governor, I understand that the status quo isn’t acceptable to Minnesotans and that it’s time to try something different. I am glad to hear the Governor is focused on new investments in education and after school programs. This emphasis will help ensure Minnesota has the workforce it needs for the economy of tomorrow. I am excited to work with the Governor, the Speaker, and my colleagues to move Rochester and Minnesota ahead.”

- Rep. Kim Norton

“Governor Dayton has laid out his priorities to help middle-class Minnesotans by investing in education, responsibly balancing the budget without borrowing or gimmicks and working to create jobs. I am encouraged that the governor is taking a new approach to these issues instead of the status quo that left us with budget deficits nine out of the last eleven years. I look forward to working with both Democrats and Republicans to put forward a fiscally responsible budget that helps Greater Minnesota by investing in our schools and nursing homes and providing property tax relief.”

- State Representative Patti Fritz (DFL-Faribault)

“I’m happy to hear Governor Dayton talk about bringing financial stability to Minnesota. For years, we as a state have dealt with borrowing, shifting, and gimmicks to balance the budget. Big changes are necessary if we are going to create a budget that works for Minnesotans. We as legislators are responsible for ensuring the state is heading in the right direction. And we can only be a vibrant successful state if we invest in the things that make us great. I’m confident that investing in our communities and our schools will get us there.”

- Rep. Shannon Savick

“It was great to hear Governor Dayton’s positive vision for how we build a better Minnesota. It’s clear that the status quo of cuts and disinvestment isn’t working, and for too long, we’ve delayed making the tough decisions and the important investments in areas like education, that will lead to a stronger economy and stronger middle class. I look forward to working with the governor and my colleagues in the legislature to build a brighter future and a better state.”

- Rep. Sandra Masin (DFL – Eagan/Burnsville)

“Governor Dayton's proposals attempt to structurally balance the budget and properly fund our priorities. Minnesota needs to be more fiscally responsible as we have faced a budget deficit nine out of the last eleven years. This has got to stop. Over the coming weeks and months we will be examining the Governor’s budget and other proposals as we work to address our fiscal issues. I look forward to working with Governor Dayton and members of both parties to make Minnesota a fiscally responsible state once again.”

- State Representative Ron Erhardt (DFL-Edina)