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Lt. Governor Prettner Solon to attend NLGA annual conference

July 17, 2012

Saint Paul – Lt. Governor Prettner will attend the National Lieutenant Governor’s Association annual conference from July 18-20 in Chicago, Illinois.  Lt. Governor Prettner Solon will participate in policy discussions with Lt. Governor’s from across the country and is set to moderate a panel discussing options to increase access to healthy food alternatives in low-income areas.

The panel, titled “Constituents, Public Health & Local Growers Benefit by Helping Increase Access to Healthy Food,” will discuss access to healthy food and its impact on health, as well as policy options for helping to make fresh food options available in these low-income areas. These options may include maximizing the value of food assistance programs (SNAP) at farmers markets, working with the private sector to make fresh food options available in alternative venues, and options for funding a pipeline of projects related to increasing healthy food access.

The National Lieutenant Governors Association is a professional association of the elected officials first in the line of succession to the governors of the 50 states and five territorial jurisdictions in the United States which convenes each summer for an Annual Meeting to discuss potential policy resolutions.

The panel will convene from 9:15 am to 10:15 am on Friday, July 20, 2012.