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Governor Dayton acts on bills, signs Game and Fish and Environmental Policy bills

May 03, 2012
Dayton issues Executive Order 12-04 to strengthen State wetlands policy

Today, Governor Mark Dayton signed four bills into law:

  • Chapter 271, Senate File 1679, a non-controversial bill to extend several Department of Human Services advisory councils beyond their 2012 sunset dates. 

  • Chapter 272, House File 2164, an environmental policy bill that among other things, makes changes to help control the spread of aquatic invasive species (AIS), and streamlines and coordinates water management and water planning in Minnesota.  The governor also issued Executive Order 12-04 related to wetland management in Minnesota; more information on the executive order is below.

  • Chapter 273, Senate File 1528, establishing an Online Learning Advisory Council, and encouraging online courses for students.

  • Chapter 277, House File 2171, the game and fish bill.

Governor Dayton issued Executive Order 12-04, Supporting and Strengthening Implementation of the State’s Wetlands Policy.  This executive order establishes a process for stakeholders to assess and recommend action regarding how to maintain the State’s goal of “no net loss of wetland.”

Governor Dayton today vetoed:

  • Chapter 274, House File 1870, related to LIFO.

  • Chapter 275, House File 203, a bill that would require legislative approval for agency rulemaking.

  • Chapter 276, House File 8, a bill that would authorize the use of premium trust accounts for the purpose of paying health insurance premiums. 

Copies of Governor Dayton’s veto messages are attached.

CH 274 HF 1870

CH 275 HF 203

CH 276 HF 8