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Minnesota Responds: Minnesota Workers Applaud Governor Dayton’s Leadership

February 16, 2012

Saint Paul – Following Governor Dayton’s State of the State Address, organizations representing working Minnesotans across the state were quick to applaud the Governor’s leadership on jobs. 

Minnesota AFL-CIO President Shar Knutson said, "Governor Dayton’s proposals are proven solutions that will directly result in private sector job creation both today and in the future.  “Legislators have an opportunity to produce the results Minnesotans deserve by working with Governor Dayton in building a better Minnesota.  Working people are counting on Minnesota’s lawmakers to embrace bipartisan cooperation on policies that benefit all Minnesotans.”   

"The construction industry is struggling and we applaud Governor Dayton for his focus on jobs. Our members expect elected officials to get results and that's what the Governor is proposing with his bonding bill, the Vikings stadium, and the tax incentive jobs package. We urge the legislature to act and get our men and women back to work,” said Glen Johnson, Business Manager for the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 49.  

Minnesota Nurses Association President Linda Hamilton praised the Governor, saying “We’re glad the Governor continues to focus on what the vast majority of everyday people in our state want and need.”

John Raines, the Executive Secretary-Treasurer for the North Central States Regional Council of Carpenters also weighed in on the Governor’s speech.  “Governor Dayton is talking about investing in our state and in its people,” said Raines. “He wants to get our economy moving through bonding for infrastructure. This will help the construction industry get on its feet again and will impact our state positively for generations to come.”

SEIU Health Care President Julie Schnell added, “Governor Dayton struck a chord with working families in need of more hopeful tones coming from St. Paul.  Putting Minnesotans back to work also means giving citizens access to the world class education and training that made our state great.”

Governor Dayton spoke to the urgency of creating jobs this evening in his State of the State Address, saying “Even though 97,000 more Minnesotans are working today than at the depth of the Great Recession, there are still more than 168,000 Minnesotans, who want to work, but cannot find employment.  They must be our #1 priority. So, I say to legislators, let’s take your best ideas and my best ideas and turn them into jobs.  And let’s do it now.”