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Governor Dayton Announces Task Force to Identify Ways to Provide Better Health Care at a Lower Cost

October 31, 2011

Today, Governor Mark Dayton signed executive order 11-30, establishing a Vision for Health Care Reform in Minnesota.  The order charges the Minnesota Health Care Reform Task Force, along with members of the Governor's Cabinet, to develop an action plan for reforming how we deliver and pay for health care in Minnesota.

Governor Dayton said, "Minnesota historically has led the nation and the world in the quality of our health care systems and the healthiness of our residents.  Minnesota also has been a leader in reforms that have expanded access to quality health care for all Minnesotans.  We must continue to innovate, and there is real urgency to our mission.  Health care costs are rising at unsustainable rate, undermining the budgets of Minnesota families, businesses, and our state and federal government budgets.  The status quo is not good enough; we need to find new ways to delivering better quality health care at a lower price.  The mission of this task force is to provide recommendations about how we best can accomplish this."

Governor Dayton has appointed leaders from business, labor, foundations, the public sector, and Minnesota's health care organizations to the Health Care Reform Task Force.  These leaders will be joined by legislators who will be named shortly.  A list of task force members is attached.

The Minnesota Health Care Reform Task Force is charged by Governor Dayton to develop strategies that:

  • Improve access to health care for all Minnesotans

  • Lowers health care costs by reforming how we pay for health care and changing the incentives, so we encourage preventative care and reward healthy outcomes, not sickness.

  • Improves the health of all Minnesotans and address the huge health disparities that plague our state.

In addition, the Department of Commerce today announced the formation of a Minnesota Health Insurance Exchange Advisory Task Force focused on establishing a Minnesota made Health Insurance Exchange. The members of that Task Force are also attached.

"Federal health care reform offers an opportunity for Minnesota to seize the initiative and set our own course for how we want to reform health care.  We know that we can get control of health care costs and also improve quality if we fix the incentives so that we pay for healthy outcomes," said Governor Dayton.

The health care reforms launched today are another step in the Dayton Administration's work to cut costs, improve service and deliver a Better Government for a Better Minnesota.