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Governor Dayton re-appoints the Honorable George W. Perez to Minnesota Tax Court

June 27, 2011
Dayton directs Tax Court to implement Development and Performance Review Program
Today, Governor Mark Dayton announced the re-appointment of the Honorable George W. Perez to the Minnesota Tax Court. Judge Perez has served on the Court for the past thirteen years, and has served as Chief Judge for the past ten years. 
About the appointment, Governor Dayton said, “I am pleased to have Judge Perez continue his service on the Tax Court.  I am confident he will continue to serve with a high standard of excellence and integrity.  Additionally, I have directed Judge Perez to implement a Minnesota Tax Court Development and Performance Review Program to establish a best practices standard for the Minnesota Tax Court.”
Throughout his service on the Tax Court, Judge Perez has worked to advance and implement a number of initiatives that seek to make the Court more accessible and responsive to the needs of Minnesota’s citizens, such as the development of the Tax Court website and a Pro Se Handbook for the public. He was a recipient of the National Outstanding Tax Court Judge of the Year award for 2002-2003.
Judge Perez remains actively involved within both the legal and Hispanic communities through his participation with the American Bar Association’s Commission on Immigration and its Standing Committee on Judicial Independence. He has previously served as President of the Minnesota Hispanic Bar Association and has worked to develop and pass the American Bar Association’s Model Rules for establishing Tax Courts.
To further refine and improve the Tax Court, Governor Dayton is directing the implementation of a Minnesota Tax Court Development and Performance Review Program. It is intended to develop a best practices standard by creating an opportunity for input from the public on performance of Tax Court judges so as to provide an incentive for continuous development of judges, and for corrective measures as appropriate. Judges will receive a tabulated report and all written responses provided on questionnaire and an office wide summary will be given to the Chief Tax Court Judge who will then report to Governor Dayton.
The Minnesota Tax Court is maintained for taxpayers to file appeals related to any state or local tax, except special assessments. The court reviews and re-determines orders of decisions of the Commissioner of Revenue. It is an independent agency Minnesota’s executive branch of government.   

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