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Statement from the Office of Governor Dayton

June 20, 2011

St. Paul, MN – Press Secretary Katharine Tinucci offered the following statement on today’s GOP press conference:
“Today, the Republican legislative majorities showed themselves to be completely out of touch with reality.  Everyone knows that over a month ago, the Governor offered to compromise and to meet the GOP half-way between their two budgets.  Everyone knows that it’s the Republicans, who have refused to budge from their position.  Everyone knows that it was the Governor who proposed a mediator to facilitate serious compromise, and that the Republican leaders refused.
“Their unwillingness to compromise is a source of increasing frustration for us, and for every Minnesotan who will hurt under their all-cuts budget.
“Today the Regents at the University of Minnesota are voting on a budget, which will increase tuitions by hundreds of dollars per student, as a direct result of the legislature’s 19% cut to the U.  That’s real money out of the pockets of young Minnesotans and their families – Minnesotans who wouldn’t pay a dime of new income taxes under the Governor’s plan.  It’s an example of what is at stake in these budget negotiations.
“It is the Governor’s hope that Republican legislative leaders will listen to their constituents and finally offer a fair and balanced compromise proposal.”