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Governor Dayton Signs Four Bills into Law

April 30, 2014

Today, Governor Mark Dayton signed four bills into law. 

  • Chapter 179, SF 2245: This bill requires lifeguards at public beaches to have certain minimum safety training. This passed the House 110-10 and the Senate 52-14. 
  • Chapter 180, SF 2571: This public safety bill restructures the criminal vehicular operation statute by creating separate sections relating to criminal vehicular homicide and criminal vehicular operation. The bill does not make substantive changes to the crime. The bill passed unanimously in both chambers. 
  • Chapter 183, HF 2840: This local government bill authorizes District One Hospital to sell property and provides for the dissolution of a hospital district. This bill passed the House 131-1 and the Senate 58-0. 
  • Chapter 184, SF 1689: This insurance bill authorizes certain benefits for Minnesota FAIR plan and Minnesota Joint Underwriting Association employees. The bill also provides conforming and technical changes. The bill passed the House 123-3 and the Senate 42-22.